It’s UP to YOU


While continuously talking about black dog urban legends, it is now up to you whether you will believe in the existence of the legends.  People often get urban legends confused and will be one sided, or biased.  These legends hold different meanings for different people.  Some legends are proven true to some degree, but will anyone be really sure? It is up to you, whether you want to believe in the myth or not.  We all have our own beliefs, just like this meme. So, my dedicated viewers, what do you believe?



Gordon Ramsay meets his Worst Nightmare (Extra Credit)

Gordon Ramsay, a famous chef that has started his own show trying to help struggling restaurants improve their food and overall performance, has faced something he has never believed he ever would.  After trying to help a struggling restaurant with their business, in Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, he met very rude owners that were not open-minded to the changes that he was trying to implement.  The restaurant called, Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona, had been struggling for some time, and started losing a lot of business.  Ramsay came to help them out, but learned the impossible. He could not help the owners due to their inability to listen to criticism.  He unfortunately left the show after learning that the owner’s didn’t tip their waitresses, and yelled at customers disagreeing with the quality of the food.  The food given to Ramsay, after he waited for 75 minutes, was greasy, under cooked, and disgusting.  It is amazing to see that the restaurant was still holding up after more than 100 people quit in one year due to the poor service and rude owners.  I personally hope that those owner’s learn from their mistakes and accept that their restaurant is failing because of them. 

Here is the article I got some of the information from:



April Fools!


Each year April Fools rolls around and the prank wars begin.  This year, I actually did not participate, although many people insist that I do because my name happens to be April.  While talking about myths and urban legends, sometimes we overlook how certain holidays and celebrations originated.  I have clarified in this blog about the different ways that black dogs urban legends have originated, but I thought about commenting on something more interesting and common to the public.  Below is an article that talks about how the holiday April Fool’s Day originated.  I hope you learn something new because I certainly did!


Physic Mediums…are they really telling the truth?

Throughout the semester I have been discussing black dog urban legends and questioning their true existence.  Black dog urban legends say that they are paranormal creatures that are linked to death and evil.  Some people have claimed to be able to see these creatures and see the spirits of human descendants.  The debate continues to grow as psychics and psychic mediums become more frequent.  Do they become more frequent based on the increase of believers and skeptics or is the number of people sensing and connecting to the ‘other side’ increasing?

Many people believe and do not believe in mediums. Mediums are people that can communicate with the dead.  Theresa Caputo is an example of a famous medium.  Some people are skeptical of her readings, but isn’t everyone?  Check out the video below to learn more about her and what she does best.  I know it’s long, but it is worth it!



Is This REAL?

Many people question about the paranormal and if it truly exists.  This website shows different photos that people have submitted that may make you think twice about the existence of the spiritual world.  It is only up to you if you want to believe if these photos are actual evidence of proof that spirits do in fact exist.  I personally found these photos interesting because some of these photos are so dated, that it is unlikely that they have been tampered with.  I hope you get a thrill looking at these because some things are just too hard to explain.

Fear Should NOT Hold YOU Back


Urban legends, superstitions, and common misconceptions are what can cause fear in the lives of many people.  Legends and common misconceptions occur due to when people do not give out factual information.  We think that since the trusted neighbor down the street mentioned that there was a black dog that lurked the woods in the night and prayed on lonely, depressed souls, that it was true.  As humans we sometimes forget to think rationally, and take these stories literally without thinking about what actually happened.  Yes, I do believe that there are unexplained events that take place in the world, but the purpose of most legends were used as scare tactics to draw people away from doing certain activities or actions.  We have to learn to take these legends and superstitions lightly, or else they will take over your thoughts and rationality.

As I continue to write and post about black dog urban legends, remember that just because it is a well known legend, it does not mean it is entirely true.  As people, we can not live in fear of what could be.  We must not live in fear at all because fear is like worrying.  It takes too much time and energy.


You have just entered…The Twilight Zone.

The Twilight Zone is a famous television show that first aired in 1959.  It was created by Rod Serling who enjoyed writing fictional stories with twisted plots and endings.  The series talks about racism, the government, society, and human nature.  As I talk about black dog urban legends, and hear about other superstitions, I always think of this famous television series. It brings to mind of all the ‘could be’s” and “what if” questions.  Superstitions and urban legends were often created based off of society issues, the government, and about human nature.  The Twilight Zone relates to these superstitions by exaggerating them, but most legends are exaggerated.  The series also brings out how easily society gets scared, which is another reason legends were created. Some of them were created as scare tactics to make sure people avoid doing certain things.  Hopefully, you do not take all urban legends to heart, because they are called urban legends for a reason.

If you are new to the Twilight Zone, I recommend watching them. They are all very creative and have a lot of suspense to them.